I decided to write using at least one pseudonym, just to keep things tidy. For fiction, it’s Seaborn Reed. For screenplays, it’s … well, I haven’t quite decided that one, yet!

I’ve dreamed of being a ‘writer’ since I was a teenager. And now I see a definite connection between being an actor and being a writer. They both use the same imagination. And I have plenty of that, believe me.

I often use a technique of solo-improv in my writing. It leads to some very interesting character development.

My first nom de plume came from the discovery of a cousin of an ancestor of mine.  I am very proud of my father’s lineage and of the name of ‘Reed,’ and it’s place in America’s fight for independence in the southern Colonies.  While tracing the family heritage, I discovered this man’s name.  He was the son of a cousin of my ancestor.  Seaborn Reed lived from August 19, 1816, to January 8, 1864, when he died of illness while fighting on the Union side of the Civil War.  His name holds a very special meaning for me:  ‘born of the sea.’