Naming the Sails

The Stories So Far …
 Work(s) In Progress:

  • WIP#1  (by Seaborn Reed) Historical fiction which I began writing during NaNoWriMo 2011, then continued throughout 2012, including Camp NaNoWriMo and NaNoWriMo 2012, and beyond into 2013.  This story has so far reached nearly 300K words, and I’m not sure if it will turn out to be one epic novel, or a trilogy.  It quite possibly could need 50K more words.  Takes place in the Caribbean of the 1720s, featuring square-rigged ships, crystal aqua seas, disguises, 2nd chances, voodoo, slaves, intrigue … oh, and pirates, of course.  Suitable for 13 and older.
  • WIP#2  (by X. X. Xxxx–pen name TBD) This is a screenplay which takes place in England and Germany during the 1930s and 1940s.  It is a story that I had been wanting to write for decades, researching and taking notes for, but never having the courage to actually put it into motion.  Finally, last year, during the Office of Letters and Light’sScriptFrenzy,’ I actually did begin the screenplay.   I completed the necessary 100 pages for the challenge, but didn’t finish the script.  I actually feel the story was barely started in those pages, perhaps as little as a quarter of the storyline done.  As a film, it would appropriately be rated ‘R.’
  • There are a number of other stories which I have outlines and notes for that I hope to get started writing on this year, as well.  They are all historical fiction, with one or two of them having the potential for the romantic genre (possibly marketable!), or screenplays.  Settings include WWII London; 1850 Scotland with a hint of India; 1940s rural South Carolina; 1890s English countryside; and early-1800s Portsmouth, England.  I might just throw in one set in the southern Colonies during the Revolutionary War, for good measure.

For actual names of sails — such as those found on square-rigged vessels like the Brig Lady Washington shown above — I’ll maneuver you to this here page:  NAMES OF MASTS AND SAILS .

2 thoughts on “Naming the Sails

  1. Just popping over from ROW80 and hope you are still writing. I’m especially interested in that possible WIP of yours set in Scotland in 1840s with (as you say) “a hint of India” for my current trilogy (sound familiar?) starts in Scotland, moves to Australia, and then the Pacific Northwest in the 1840s. But I was thinking of India too! Write on!

    • Beth! I am SOOOO sorry to take so long to approve and answer you! I’ve been horribly lazy about this blog. Thank you so much for visiting and posting! I will be getting back to writing, tonight! ^_^ Up spirits!

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